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Inflict Kharma is a late-night raiding guild on the US Thunderlord Server.  We are a small group of skilled players focused on completing end-game content and preparing for the Cataclysm expansion release. 

Our normal raid times are Monday through Thursday from 11PM Server time to 2:30AM Server time, with invites normally going out beginning at 11:15.  All Guild Members with a ranking of "Veteran" and above are expected to be logged into the game and on the character you wish to bring to raid promptly at 11.  All Raid Participants, both Guild members and Invited Guests alike are expected to be ready to enter the Instance and start the fights no later than 11:30.  However, we will never consider ourselves to be "hard-core" raiders and do not place priority in raiding over real life.  If you cannot attend Raid during the normal hours, we encourage you to let us know, in advance if possible, either by in-game tell, mail, or by leaving a post here in the forums so that we may be able to appropriately fill the vacant spots.  

We are not currently recruiting for our Core 10-Man Raiding Group, however intelligent, mature players are always encouraged to apply.  We host alt-runs and Pug Groups throughout the week with various "fun runs" scheduled over the weekend.  Requirements for a spot in any of our Guild ICC Raids are: Gear Score of at least 5.2K, properly spec'ed with appropriate gems, enchants and enhancements, a strong Team attitude, good raid awareness and while not required, we prefer a first-hand knowledge of ICC fights up to and including Lich King.  

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IKAllwin, Sep 14, 10 2:50 PM.
Our new Guild Website is underway.  Please bear with us as we go through the design process
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